The upcoming indie game by ENDROAD

It all started with the rumours in the local newspapers: ‘We are running out of resources’ you know, the usual… But this time people have begun to listen, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we are definitely running out of resources and soon we will be back to square one.

History is repeating itself. Just as it happened five centuries ago, another apocalypse is beginning. The last time had our ancestors moving underground, what will happen this time? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere else for us to go. It is our turn to learn to survive. You are amongst the few volunteers chosen by the Triumvirat to find out what is happening.

There is a big secret you will have to discover. VESTA’s energy is why we survived and have continued to thrive for the past five centuries, it is the technology that saved our planet through enabling us to breathe. But the corporation seems to be hiding something from us; since the beginning they have hidden their factories from the rest of the world, unseen by the public. Why would they keep them hidden, for what reason?”

There are so many questions but so little time; you had better run if you want to survive…


FALLBACK will be the first of Endroad’s games. We are preparing to offer you a multiplayer game with a gripping but non-intrusive plot.

The game is being developed with Unity engine.

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