From Friday to Sunday (November 17-19) our team presented the Alpha demo version of the upcoming FALLBACK game in one of the largest game expositions in France, “Art to Play” Nantes. We are very grateful to everyone who came to our stand to play our future game and we’re happy to have received your feedback so soon. Here are some of the reviews and comments we received via social media after the event.

Firstly we are proud to present @JamesRiderTV who politely asked our permission to share his views on our project in his vlog before posting it 🙂 Thank you, James, we appreciate your opinion!

(Tweet: Today I could discover indie game FallBack made by @endroad_team This game seems very promising and I can’t wait for its release on #Steam to test it properly)

The famous French Twitch streamer @CaMaK also visited our stand during the event. We are very grateful that he found the time to accept our invitation.

We also got a chance to get acquainted with other French twitcher @molfried who appreciated our game. Here is his tweet and link to the stream.

(Tweet: Right now we’ll continue final fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster on and at 21-21:30 we’ll speak about indie games that I’ve seen at Art to Play especially Koloro by @SkollStudio and Fallback by @endroad_team

The stream is in French, the Fallback review starts on 2:36:59)

You can find other Twitterers’ comments on our account.


As always, here is our own feedback: It was nice to see that some of the previous comments we received has helped to shape our game.

  1. At the previous Alpha demo test session at Les Utopiales Festival there were some bugs pointed out to us by our dear testers. So, we are proud to announce that this time there was no complaints on the technical side.
  2. In comparison to the previous test there were more female gamers who showed interest in our project.
  3. As we had two devices to play our FALLBACK Alpha demo some of the testers turned the game into a competition. The aim of the participants was to be the first to finish the mission. We believe that this proves the necessity of the multiplayer mode that we are currently working on.
  4. We are proud that our path system captured the attention of various testers. Even @JamesRidesTv pointed this out in his vlog.
  5. There was also a lot of questions about the release date. This is a good sign for a developer because it means that the testers are interested and are looking forward to playing the full version of game.


That’s why we are working hard to present to you the final result as soon as possible with the release being scheduled for the first half of 2018.

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