Our company was founded in the French town of Nantes by five game developers who were previously working for Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios. We were brought together when we decided to travel along a new path, making innovative independent games that are ‘off the beaten track’.


We aim to take brave, daring and innovative ideas and turn them into games which are not only entertaining for you but let you live another life and enable you to explore new routes. Routes that begin when the normal road ends. Endroad embodies the ideas of libertyindependence and innovation in every pixel.


We create the new stunning worlds. You experience adventures and challenges at their maximum.




Game Designer

Colomban Ciceron



Colomban is our experienced Game Designer.


Before having started the ENDROAD project he worked


for Ubisoft making the games player by millions of gamers.


He knows how to create the game universe and rules


within all type of constraints.

Boredom Knight

Boredom Knight

Gameplay Programmer

Fabien Ziebel



Fabien is our Gameplay Programmer.


His experience in Audiogaming and his skills


in the work with the Unity 3D engine


make him an essential part of the team.






3D Artist

Valentin Vigneron



Valentin is our 3D Artist.  His master in video games


graphics and working experience with Amplitude Studio


perfected his skills. And now he introduces


his artistic vision into the ENDROAD projects.



Graphics Programmer

Baptiste Dupy




Baptiste is our Programmer and one of the pillars


of the studio. After graduating in mathematics and


making his master in game programming he worked


with Amplitude Studio. And now he is bringing


his innovative ideas into life within the ENDROAD projects.




Florian Le Gouriellec



While the rest of the team is developing games


Florian is bravely assuming all the administrative


and financial studio needs. Before he has worked


in this sphere for 2 years in London.